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Declaration of consent to storage personal data and CV (GDPR)

At MORE Consulting, we value your personal data and privacy. This Data Protection and Privacy Statement serves as a comprehensive guide to how we handle and process your personal information when you interact with our services, whether it's through job applications, recruitment processes, or candidate management. We kindly request you to review the following sections to familiarize yourself with our practices.

This declaration of consent applies to the personal data you provide to MORE Consulting and ensures that your data is protected in accordance with European legislation, specifically the Personal Data Act. Your information is securely stored on a server and undergoes continuous processing while maintaining compliance with the law. By providing your consent, you acknowledge that this data protection declaration covers the information collected by MORE Consulting.

Purpose of processing personal data

MORE Consulting utilizes your personal data and CV to assess your qualifications in relation to specific positions and apply for the same positions on your behalf.

Who has access to your personal data?

Only the company partners and the HR consultant at MORE Consulting have access to your data or CV. Your personal data will be treated with strict confidentiality and will not be shared with anyone other than the aforementioned individuals without your consent. If you are in the process of applying for a job where we collaborate with a third party to fill the position, your personal data and CV will be shared with them. Your data will be stored for a maximum of six months. 

We do not register your CV in a database; we only share your CV and personal data with our clients with your consent. We retain the contact information you provide to MORE Consulting during interviews. This may include data related to work experience, previous employment, educational background, professional and personal skills, salary, as well as IT and language qualifications.

MORE Consulting encourages you not to include your full social security number number or other sensitive information in your CV unless specifically requested with a legitimate reason.

We do not collect information:

  • Regarding illness, unless it is relevant to the current job we are recruiting for.

  • About pregnancy.

  • Relating to ethnic origin, political opinion, religious affiliation, philosophy, trade union membership, health, or sexual orientation.

  • That is infringing or slanderous in nature.

  • That cannot reasonably be considered relevant to a job.


How we manage your data and contact you

MORE Consulting values the management of your data and strives to keep you informed about exciting projects and upcoming opportunities that align with your expertise. To achieve this, we require relevant information such as your specialties and regional boundaries.

You can expect to be contacted by MORE Consulting through email, LinkedIn, or telephone. When you provide your information via email, LinkedIn, or telephone and submit your CV along with additional preferences and regional details, we will seek your consent to store this information for future use.

By giving your consent, you authorize MORE Consulting to store our correspondence and your CV, not only for future assignments but also for ongoing communication purposes. This consent extends to maintaining regular contact with you, informing you about positions where your professional skills can make a difference, and presenting tasks that align with your interests.

However, we understand that circumstances may change. If you no longer wish to receive updates from MORE Consulting, whether due to being headhunted or for any other reason, kindly inform us so that we can keep our candidate database up to date. Additionally, if you find your CV is no longer relevant, you have the option to request its deletion.

Data management and communication platforms

At MORE Consulting, we use different platforms to manage your data and facilitate communication. The following outlines our practices regarding LinkedIn and Google for email correspondence:

  1. LinkedIn Premium Platform:

    • On LinkedIn, we actively search for and initiate dialogue with candidates.

    • Through the platform, we have access to the data individuals have on their public LinkedIn profiles.

    • Our communication with candidates often takes place via LinkedIn's email system.

    • Email dialogues conducted through LinkedIn will be deleted within 6 months.

    • LinkedIn data and emails sent through LinkedIn's mail system are stored by LinkedIn.

  2. Google for regular emails:

    • Correspondence between MORE Consulting and candidates is deleted after 6 months.

    • Correspondence between MORE Consulting and companies containing candidate data is deleted after 6 months, except for emails containing data for employed candidates through MORE Consulting, which are deleted after 18 months.

    • Emails are stored at Google's data centers.

    • It is advisable to stay updated on Google's terms for online services to understand their data handling practices.

In addition to the above platforms, other dialogues between MORE Consulting and candidates, such as SMS messages, LinkedIn messages, and dialogues through other channels, are also deleted after 6 months to maintain data privacy and compliance.

MORE Consulting takes the protection of your personal data seriously and implements measures to ensure your privacy and confidentiality throughout our interactions.

Editing of your personal data and revocation

You have the right to request the deletion of your data and CV at any time. Additionally, you can object to the processing of your personal data and request corrections if necessary.


Security of your personal data

Your personal data is managed by MORE Consulting. However, we also utilize independent data controllers and data processors as suppliers. No one can act independently.


We are obligated to inform you, as the individual whose personal data is being processed, that data may be transferred to third countries. For instance, Google acts as our data processor when we send emails to our clients, business partners, and job candidates. Google processes our data within the EU.

Changes to the data protection declaration

In the event of significant changes in how we use your personal data, MORE Consulting will notify you directly. Your data is not used for statistical purposes or disclosed to a third party other than MORE Consulting's customers, and you will be informed in advance of any such disclosure.

Contact information

MORE Consulting ApS

Lautruphøj 5-7

2750 Ballerup

CVR: 400 956 32


Phone: +45 29 79 93 14


If you have questions about this data protection declaration or want your data deleted, you can contact Recruitment- & HR Consultant Sofie Amalie Andreasen at or +45 2979 9314.

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